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    I know how to link text to different pages but what I want to do is hyperlink without the text changing to a blue colour. I have white text writtn over box which I want to link to a different page. Can the text be linked to another page with the text remaining white and not changing blue?


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    Re: Hyperlinking pages

    Hi, when you go into hyperlink properties, you can change the looks via the styles area.
    Edit style/ Add / then click on the blue” linked” to edit the 1st part & so on for the others.

    Good luck.
    Regards Chris.

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      Re: Hyperlinking pages

      I've gone into the edit section and made a style where the writing is white. I have evem changed every type of link to white text. The preview section of the edit page shows white text but the text on the page remains blue. Any ideas how to help?



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        Re: Hyperlinking pages

        Hi AntonyN

        After you have created a style, you also need to change the style for that line of text, this is a step that is often forgotten. If you have created a style, and say it is style 1, does it show style 1 when you highlight the word and click on insert link? If it doesn't, then you need to change that to style 1 .. If not it will be picking up on the page linking style that you can adjust via right clicking on page properties .. Once you publish your pages you should see the changes you have made.


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