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  • hyperlinking assistance?

    ok I published a second page, but when I try to click on the link from my home page.. I get an error message saying webpage can not be found. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

    Here is my website... Anybody know what I am doing wrong?

    thanks! :)

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    Re: hyperlinking problem?

    what is the link to to the second page you published?


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      Re: hyperlinking problem?

      Hi matt... Looks OK to me ... just be sure you saved that media page as media and publish as media...details... details... Doug


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        Re: hyperlinking problem?

        Yes as Doug says ... you must

        NAME - SAVE - AND PUBLISH your page as a given name - all small letters, no capitals, no spaces ... unless the words are joined together by the use of the underscore symbol _

        Then this name must reflect in the url that you type ...

        name, save and publish as media ...

        link to this as


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