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do I have the link right?

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  • do I have the link right?

    Just to make sure before I create and hyperlink all my 22 pages together... (yes I've seen the tuts, but I want to be sure before I go any further)

    I have a domain name already. I will be changing my hosting from my current server before I publish, but anyways I already know what it will be.

    say for example my site will be:, when I link my pages together it should look like this:

    I add a page called About Us. I save it as: aboutus.bvp - and the hyperlink would be:

    and when the site is published these links will work.....correct??

    The pages also do not save in a folder when I clone them like they do when you create a blank page..will that be a problem?

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    Re: do I have the link right?

    Yes you are correct with the way you are linking them, with one exception it is better not to add the index.html to the links to your home page. It will still work as intended without it. When you clone a page you have to rename (save) the page as (the new page name) You will then have the original page you cloned from, the clone witch you can keep opening and renaming and the new page(s) you create from it. They all will be stored in your BV folder in your computer.
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