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  • Sorting GoMenu Links

    hi: I run the website for and use a menu bar pull down to provide to our weekly Bulletins (the GoMenu as "JumpMenu" seen here at ) I have been doing this since beginning of 2012. The problem is the listings appear from oldest to newest which means visitors to our Bulletin web page must page through all of the entries for 2012 and then 2013 to get to this weeks bulletin. Is there some way to sort or reorganize these entries so they come up newest to oldest. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks Bill Gregory (

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    Re: Menu Bar Sorting Capabilities

    A GoMenu will display as a 'drop-down List' a set of Custom-Titled Hyperlinks in the order that has been created by whomever designed the List, as the Tool does not have the ability to automatically create a hierarchy or order. Adding items to the List places the newly added item at the bottom of the List by default, if not completing the process by using the "Move" Edit Buttons to move it to another desired position prior to Saving and Publishing.

    > Edit the order of a GoMenu Hyperlink List by double-clicking directly on the GoMenu to open PROPERTIES, then clicking on an individual Item in the List ("select" it) so you can then use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" to change the position of each individually Selected Item within the List.
    Editing using the "Move" options preserves links and attributes of each Item, making the process much easier than replacing them.

    Take the time to re-order the list as desired, and re-publish the page.

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