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publishing a site using a NON VodaHost company

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  • publishing a site using a NON VodaHost company

    Your software is GREAT. I am new to this, and I love it, its so easy and exiting. BUT when I went to publish, it said I needed a vodahost id and password. Does this program will only work with voda?

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    About VodaHost

    Thank you for downloading BlueVoda, We hope you are having as much fun using it as we did bringing it to you.
    Before you can take your BlueVoda website live on the internet for the world to see, you will need a VodaHost
    web hosting account.

    BlueVoda is VodaHost’s proprietary in house website builder. You are allowed to use BlueVoda for free under a GPL
    (General Public License). Providing that any website that is created with BlueVoda is hosted on a Vodahost server.
    If you visit the page where you originally downloaded BlueVoda you will see that it CLEARLY says a VodaHost account
    is required in order for you to publish.

    BlueVoda is 100% free to download, use, share and free to create unlimited websites. Other software like Microsoft
    FrontPage or Dreamweaver costs HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER COPY and takes months to learn and master.

    Currently there is no other software on the internet, free or not free similar to the BlueVoda.

    BlueVoda is a unique animal.

    VodaHost is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers on the internet. Our packages and customer service is
    second to none.

    Currently we are offering……

    •12,000 Mb of disk space
    •300 Gb of bandwidth
    •Free domain registration
    •Fanatical customer support
    •Plus much, much more

    For only $7.95 per month. Shop around, you will quickly see that this is an incredible deal. Click on the url below to take
    a tour of VodaHost. I promise that you will not be disappointed.

    We look forward to having you as a customer.


    PS. VodaHost is not cheap web hosting, Vodahost is affordable web hosting. Yes, you can find web hosting for free or for
    $1 per month if you look around. But, please believe me when I say in this life you get what you pay for, especially when it
    comes to web hosting. (If your current host had the tools that VodaHost offered you would not be reading this now)

    VodaHost is only $7.95 per month. You have 24/7 support staff, state of the art Dell PowerEdge Servers, no tricks, no gimmicks
    and most important of all you have piece of mind knowing that your website is safe and secure with a company who actually does
    cares and goes the extra mile to ensure that your website is successful as possible.

    Your success is our success.
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      Your Reply

      I have to hand it you *****, you sure know your business. I agree with you 100% on the scams that free hosts pull. They caused me an incredible amount of problems. I just want to tell anybody who is reading this that I joined VodaHost in the beginning of the year and I have not looked back. ***** has bent over backwards to help me and get my site up and running. When they say they are your website people, I suggest you take them at their word….They know what they are doing.

      Johanis Janssen



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        I think BlueVoda is great tool for people like me that dont have any website building knowledge. I dont mind paying 7.95 per month for all you are offering. I have just signed up, how long before my domain name is activated?


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          Hi Dasha,

          Thanks for joining. Your domain name is live. I just sent you an email with all your account details. Including your username and password for the control panel. If you need aything else just let me know.

          ***** :D