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Using Typekit on Voda - Problems

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  • Using Typekit on Voda - Problems

    Dear All
    As far as I can see Typekit - recently acquired by Adobe - offers a huge selection of fonts which can be displayed on your website. Its generally an affordable annual subscription to get access to the fonts. You choose the font online and add a script to the site and voila - the font is served to your page in milliseconds by Typekit

    After having a problem getting the output I added h1 h2 and h3 to the selectors on their site and pasted a java code which relates to the font you selected into the between the head tags in voda page html window. It works. It works if you highlight and style the text you require as h1 h2 or h3 etc.

    The problem is when you apply a colour to the type in voda it reverts from the hi h2 h3 etc category and Typekit doesn't recognise it. So its black or nothing.

    Typekit does allow the CSS to be coded but I cant see how to do it in Voda.

    So having at least got the font to display I cant colour it!!!!!

    Also not sure if the fonts already in voda can be guaranteed to resolve in all browsers and computers?

    Any help appreciated. Typekit support is quite dire. I had 2 emails but the intervals are about 2 or 3 days!!!!

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    Re: Using Typekit on Voda - Problems

    Here is the reply I received today from Typekit.

    "I just took a look at your site and you've added Typekit correctly. Now we just need to tell Typekit which elements on your blog we want to style with Typekit fonts. This is done by adding the Typekit font family name to the CSS or by adding CSS selectors to your Kit.

    If you are going to add the font family names to your CSS, you can use these CSS declarations:
    font-family: "jinky", sans-serif;
    font-weight: 400;"

    Any ideas anyone?


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      Re: Using Typekit on Voda - Problems

      Instructions for "your blog" as described above (Wordpress):
      You will edit the Template CSS file via the AdminTemplate Manager Dashboard, and find the file listed toward the far bottom right of the available files you can edit online: file the styles.css file and open it. You can then either re-type in the font information shown or paste it in once you find the section of the code to make the changes.
      Press SAVE before exiting the editor to save the changes.

      Manual Template Editing (Blogspot, etc.):
      Upload the font file itself to the server via the UPLOADER in the Admin Template Manager Dashboard. It is the same process of supplying fonts to your own computer: unless they are loaded, they cannot render.

      BlueVoda web page:
      If you do not have the actual font file, then you cannot add it to your computer, and therefore cannot use it via the font selector in BV. Oh well!
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