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Need Help with email marketing please.

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  • Need Help with email marketing please.

    I wish to email past customers with updates of my products using html content. Do I just create a mailing list in my emailer and send it out?

    If I do this, will it be considered as spam and I am somehow penalised for it?

    I have seen that emailer programs for marketing are called autoresponders but when I went into cpanel the autoresponder there was just for things like sending a message when you are on holiday.

    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Timeless Fancy

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    Re: Need Help with email marketing please.

    Email marketing has its own Rules and Standards, and it is different in the UK (as is the UK's Internet Cookies Directive of displaying a notice upon landing on your site stating the Cookie Policy the UK requires, no matter where the site is actually hosted - discussed HERE). You will need to know and comply with your specific limitations, but the only limitations on the VodaHost side is that you are allowed to send no more than 200 emails per hour, based on the server resources allocated.

    I would suggest you look into the very affordable services of professional email contacting companies, who comply with the 'Opt-in' and verified address rules in your country. Or, if you wish to go a step further due to your hosting server being located in the US, look into .... the leading professional digital communications services provider that is both affordable and reliable.
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