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  • Linking to Tumblr?

    Can I use Tumblr with my vodahost account? I want to be able to have a Blog tab on my website that takes the visitor directly to my Tumblr. I'm currently doing this with Wordpress using cpanel but am not sure how to set it up for Tumblr. Any ideas?

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    Re: Linking to Tumblr?

    Sure! Why not?


    If this is the website you want to "link" to your page at, then you can simply use a similarly sized Tumblr icon image (the Google+ icon you are using on your site is 64x64) that has been hyperlink formatted with the URL to your specific account page.

    Follow the same method you used for "G+" mindful to position the 'icon button' precisely.
    > Useful Tools & Apps For Tumblr Functionality

    You seem to be using RapidWeaver, so you might have to look specifically to them for a current plugin to add to your blog, which if available, should prove to be just a matter of a few steps to enter your URL as it auto-installs.
    > RapidWeaver Stacks Archive

    If you are using Wordpress, you can install it manually (by editing page and CSS files) or by using a plugin that may allow you to specify the footer to be installed to. You can manually edit the blog's index.php file or via the ADMIN DASHBOARD > TEMPLATE MANAGER > footer.css file (or if your Admin Dashboard is differently configured, you can edit the footer.php file directly). If this is too much for you, you may wish to consider simply installing a plugin, and hope to find one that will install the icon-button to the footer.
    > Useful "How-To" Guide You Can Adapt to Installing To Footer
    > Wordpress Tumblr Plugin Directory and Tools

    Here is the URL to get a 64x64 Tumblr icon for you to use (, which looks like this:

    * Very similar to the method discussed in this thread for adding a Facebook icon to a BlueVoda created web page to link to a Facebook page, which is also similar to how I adapted it and used my own icon (shown below) I placed on this new and unfinished BlueVoda website at the very top-right of the page to link back to my Corporate Portal:


    This icon takes you to the new site where if you click on the same icon there (top-right of page), it will deliver you to the Portal.
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