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    What are the services which are provided by Vodahits?

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    Re: SEO Services


    Our Submission services work to improve the visibility of
    your website in the major search engines as well as improve
    their search engine rankings (i.e. how far up the search
    engine results your website appears when prospective
    visitors type a targeted search query that is relevant to
    your website).

    As you want prospective customers to find your website in
    the first place, our submission services will be a benefit
    to you (or any kind of website for that matter).

    Please see:

    All our S.E. Optimization services can be found at the above
    URL. They will all benefit your website; it will be for you
    to decide which will be most beneficial for you to use
    depending on the subject matter of your website and how you
    would like to promote it. We highly recommend all these
    services but the services categorized under: "The Essential
    Six" should be focused on as particularly beneficial.

    I would recommend having a basic understanding of Search
    Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) as well as Search Engine
    Marketing (S.E.M.). Many of the techniques that count
    towards where Google will rank your site begin before a
    single backlink (a link from another website to yours - a
    "vote" in the eyes of Google if you will) is even created
    to your website (the sort of backlinks that VodaHits
    services create for you).

    I highly, recommend that you download and read
    our free report: "The Secrets to Promoting your Website
    Online". This report contains a great deal of information
    on how the techniques that are cumulatively called Search
    Engine Optimization work. Research these and you will get
    a better perspective of the work that has already been
    done and the work that needs to be done.

    You can find the report here:

    Once you are satisfied that your website itself is
    optimized for the search engines and ready for
    backlinking, that is when you might begin a social
    networking campaign to promote your website.

    So, my advice in that respect is: Spend a little time
    researching and understanding how each of the VodaHits
    services work ... and then, empowered with that
    knowledge, tell us what you need and/or want ... and we
    will provide it.

    You should understand that Search Engine Optimization is
    a marathon and not a sprint. These days there is no
    single service that will drive your website straight to
    the top of the Google results (unless you are searching
    for "Sky Diving" and you just happen to own the domain
    name: OR the search is for the name of
    your business). It is the cumulative efforts over the
    weeks and months that see your site creep up the Search
    Engine Results Pages.

    To avoid blacklisting, do not go overboard. I would
    recommend taking up a few VodaHits services and then,
    maybe in a month's time, taking up another service or
    repeating a service that worked particularly well (which
    you can gauge using Google Analytics or the Google
    Webmaster Tools - please see: "The Secrets...").

    You never stop promoting your website!


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