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Protecting Computer from Virus' etc

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    Re: Protecting Computer from Virus' etc

    Originally posted by racefan20
    You're not being a pain at all. Avast will help defend against spyware and adware, I rarely see an instance of either one. It's always a good idea to have a second program, like Ad-Aware or Spybot Search & Destroy as a backup as things can sneak by any program from time to time.

    Yes, Avast will scan any folder on your pc, including your email.
    Thank you : )


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      Re: Protecting Computer from Virus' etc

      When searching for good protection and software for PC Security, I have always tried to follow a particular method for deciding what's best(for my situation):

      1. Start with your ISP.
      The only reason anyone needs Antivirus, Firewall, and Anti-Spyware software? Protection from the world connected to your pc. More and more Internet Service Providers (ISP's) today include Security "Suites" to their subscribers. These are worth considering because they are usually included with your account for free, rather than paying retail for them, and they usually provide a good level of security for you PC. Also, because it's through your ISP, any issues can be easily be handled through their support team or at least guide you to the proper resources easily. However, these "Suites" tend be a slight burden on your PC's resources.
      2. Your PC's Manufacturer
      See if your PC manufacturer recommends any Security Software programs for your model or has any discounts available. Let's put it this way... If you have a problem with your PC and it might be related to your PC security applications or settings...then chances are your PC manufacturer won't have a choice but to provide assisstance and technical support if you used the recommended Software, otherwise they "can't" provide support for "any issues related to 3rd party applications not affiliated,associated, or recommended by....." heheh prevent the merry go round, cmon.

      3. UGH!!! your OS aka Microsoft (for one)
      Once again, if you have a problem with your pc, and you are NOT using their (Microsoft's) Security applications and features....

      ...then forget about REAL support.(this is only my opinion due to a two month, still ongoing, support case and a formal complaint (a tech called me ignorant...HA, after they render my laptop useless)

      anyways, if these options don't suffice...try Open Source software.

      Actually, window's firewall, when configured correctly, provides great intrusion prevention. So all you really need is a good Real-time anti-spyware and antivirus program for use while browsing the internet and well as downloading files.

      food for thought
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