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BSOD probs

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  • BSOD probs

    not sure if this is the place to post this but i have aa problem with bsod (blue screen crashes) sometimes the blue screen comes up sometimes it dont, does anyone know the cause of this? or solution?

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    Re: BSOD probs

    Well it can be caused by about 9000 things. Lots of times a virus will cause this.. your hard drive may have a bad spot, which.. chkdsk will fix, or your mother board or processor may be frying. You dont have enough information here to even post a second guess as to why it might occur.

    I would need the actual error message, the kernal fault etc. As I said it can be any number of things to easy fix or buy a new computer time.



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      Re: BSOD probs

      Karen is right, sometimes it can be as easy as a aompnent that was added and either taken out and the soft ware not rmoved, or the soft ware for a component is corrupt. If you have the ability to restore to an earlier backup, you could try that and if it works and doesn't blue screen you again find out what has been changed. Good Luck.

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