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  • Have questions ? - join forums !!

    Search engines are the keys to the vast knowledgebase distributed over the web. Agreed. At the same time it is also true that search engines do not provide you the direct answer to your query. What you get is a list of documents the search engine thought relevant to your search query. You need to browse through these documents in the hope of getting the answer. Though search engines are getting *****er at finding the relevant documents - it is still a long way when they will fully comprehend the meaning of your query and you still do not get a direct answer!

    It is here that the forums provide an alternative. Previously known as bulletin boards or message boards, forums are the best thing a net newbie can come across. You can find all the information you need by joining and querying in forums. Most of the big and reputed forums are moderated by experienced people. As a forum user you benefit from the accumulated knowledge of these learned persons.

    You can expect a wide range of viewpoints and beliefs found for a certain query or issue. This gives you a better understanding of that particular issue.

    You can always rely on getting some helpful soul at some forum to guide you to find answer to your query. At the minimum you will get reference to resources which contain answer to your queries.

    So you donít have to change your keyword combination, try
    different phrases or different search engines to get what you are looking for. All you need to do in a forum is to express explicitly what you are looking for.

    Archived forum topics sometimes provide the best way to find an answer to very obscure questions, such as how to fix a particular software problem, a loan problem, a financial problem Ö the list is endless! There are thousands of forums catering to differenttopics and areas of discussion. Find out which one covers your query topic, join the forum and post your question and wait for a flood of replies!!


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    Re: Have questions ? - join forums !!

    Can someone show me how to add a new post on the forum. I need to ask some questions but don't how to post the questions. Please help. Thanks.


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      Re: Have questions ? - join forums !!

      Originally posted by wesleyvinhvan View Post
      Can someone show me how to add a new post on the forum. I need to ask some questions but don't how to post the questions. Please help. Thanks.
      The same way you just did it! You just have to find first the forum related to your queries. Ex.You want people to have a look and give their opinion on your site. Just go at: Customer website review - your testing ground, etc.etc.

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        Re: Have questions ? - join forums !!

        Regards Chris.

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          Re: Have questions ? - join forums !!

          Thank you for showing me how to post questions on this BV forum. But for now I have a question to ask if you or anyone out there can help me on this problem, I am greatly appreciated. My question is as follow: "I would like to upload onto my site a list of songs WMA formats. And I would like these songs to be listed in the orderly form (a-->z) and it will allow users to listen to it and download it if they like." My question is, do I have to use a Database to store these songs as I upload it onto the server, if yes, then what DB should I use that is offer by BV? IF I don't have to use the DB than can you please show me how to do it? Many thanks.