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    Can I have certin ports open to run say a server stats script. I have a php/mysql site currently except the host won't open a port so I can have a Raven Shield stats script on my site. Here is my current site:

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    what exact ports do u need?


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      udp 8777


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        udp 8777

        Heres the problem. We Get over 1000 hack attempts and port scans per day. Do not be alarmed this is normal. most servers get about this number, some high profile companies get more. If we open this port for you to run your stats program. we are also opening it to the world. their is no way we can give a person exclusivity to a port. we wish we could.

        udp 8777 is a kernal level port that would give any scumbag the ability to do serious damage. Even though we know what you want to do and our tech guy LOVES your site. the risk of some bored 16 year old hacker with port scanner brining down the entire server is too great and highly likely.


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