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  • linking pages

    I am experimenting with your software and hoping to come on-line. I apparently cannot link pages until they are published, is that correct?

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    98% can link the pages locally on your machine. which is the way to build your site, but the links are not active until you have a domain name attached to them and you publish them on the internet.


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      What do you meen locally?


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        Locally meaning just on your computer.


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          Re: # of pages

          How many pages do I get for my web page?


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            Re: linking pages

            as many as you like - I think.

            I have 26 pages!!

            How many are you thinking of?



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              Re: linking pages

              Every VodaHost Account has more than enough capacity to host web pages, even for the BIGGEST of players!

              As mentioned, your own computer's storage capacity would be of first concern: many of the more prolific designers using Blue Voda and the other wonderful utilities available have had to increase their memory, and the most popular way to do this seems to be by simply plugging in an external drive. (Blue Voda automaticlly archives your web pages, which allows you to make corrections and additions easily, then "re-publish" them. So, the more pages you create, the more memory of your computer's hard drive will be required.)

              You can actually build a complete website with Blue Voda, be able to see how it will look and and how the links behave in a real internet browser (Internet Explorer, by default) without having a domain or a web hosting account, all for FREE! * will need to actually publish your website to have the pages themselves "present" when commanded..

              Then, when it is time for you to publish, with just a few clicks you can set up your account at VodaHost which includes a FREE Domain name of your choice (on of the last honest incredible values on the internet) and publish your winning website! There is no comparison anywhere for the premium web building tools and utility-rich features included in every VodaHost account you can find to make building your website yourself so easy and so fun!

              You asked "How many pages" and it still makes me smile.....I want to ask "How big is your imagination?"

              Welcome to VodaHost!

              We are looking forward to working with you!
              . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
              * Success Is Potential Realized *