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    i seem to be having a problem adding media to any of my pages.

    I understand this is done by clicking&dragging on the media player button on the left but nothing ever happens.

    I've checked on the properties, the media file, updated/re-installed the software and nothing ever happens when i click on the media player button in the web builder

    [lease help, this is my only issue

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    Are you trying to add Media with BVoda?


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      Adding Media

      Hi Able11 - I'm having the same problem. I'm assuming it's because I haven't gone "live" yet - a few things don't actually work until you're live - links, for example (as I understand it!) But if anyone out there in Bluevoda land can enlighten me!!


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        i figured it out

        it was very simple, i almost feel silly

        1. click on the media player icon, i noticed the cursor change to a cross shape

        2. then i clicked and dragged within the page to create a square shape.
        this is where the media will be played in so it should be a rather large area so that the viewres can see it clearly.

        3. you then double click on the new media player box and link to the media media file. I clicked on the "preview" button next to the print button and it worked like a charm.

        Like i said, i feel kinda silly


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          I guess they dont call you able for nothing. well done!

          Watch the below video....

          ***** :D


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