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InnoDB Storage Engine

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  • InnoDB Storage Engine


    I need to install the Magento eCommerce software on my vodahost server however the Innodb storage engine is not enabled on it. Support tells me that the Innodb engine cannot be enabled on the server.
    So my question is what are my options? Support doesn't say why the engine cannot be enabled.
    Magento is a vodahost supported eCommerce platform and I see that other Vodahost customers have Magento installed and running. So I'm wondering why all Vodahost servers are not born equal.

    Any advise would be welcome.

    Thxs, Rob

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    Re: Innodb Storage Engine

    I was actually the very first VodaHost client to install and use Magento, and at the time, VodaHost required a Dedicated IP Hosting Account package with Magento pre-installed on the specially configured servers they offered.

    Apparently, the offer Brad made and posted in VodaTalk is no longer available, as even the thread with pricing and plans has been moved or deleted, as seen in this post >>

    Additional Info >>

    I would send in another Support Ticket, specifically mentioning "ATTN: HANK" in the Memo field asking for clarification and whether or not they will still install Magento (assuming you will establish a Dedicated IP account to install it on) .... should be more than the minimum $35 script installation fee but less than the $99 fee Magento Partners charge, I would venture to say ......

    BTW: My site was still up and running until crashing 3 weeks ago and now needs to be comp-letely re-formatted, and with the new direction Magento took to set it up as a subscription rather than purely Open Source for the fully functioning cart, I find my version unsupported and unreasonably frustrating trying to manage with respect to debating whether or not to upgrade, so I may let my Dedicated VH account expire quietly.
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