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How to install Magento now?

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  • How to install Magento now?

    Hi everybody,
    I have a strange problem to install Magento - during the installation process it says "Database connection error". I think it's depend on disabled InnoDB engine, BUT A few month ago I had installed Magento on my previous site! And everything was perfect. Now I have a new site, may be based in a new server, but what's the difference? Some servers has InnoDB enabled and some servers not???
    And how to resolve this problem?
    P.S. I have saved my public html folder from my old site in my computer.
    Thank you in advance

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    Re: How to install Magento now?

    VodaHost has recently undergone system-wide server upgrades, to a new and more reliable server altogether. Magento, however, does not install to Add-On Domains well at all, as documented on the official Magento site. You may need to install your new Magento installation to a new hosting account .... you need to confirm with Support that your migrated account is properly configured and what parameters may apply.

    Create a Support Ticket to resolve this issue individually.
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