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Critiques on New Website Please

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    Re: Critiques on New Website Please

    Courtney, you absolutely MUST reduce the images. By that I do not mean the size as seen on the screen but the size in pixels.

    I looked at your page and had it not been for sheer curiosity I wouldn't have waited for the images to download. The 3 photos on that page take up over 36 Meg !

    N. Majerus
    Specialties Distributors Inc.
    Barbados, W.I.


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      Re: Critiques on New Website Please

      Hey Courtney !

      Just resize your pictures with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
      There, you can crop them, resize them, etc., in no time.

      This is what I do for my pictures,
      and they 're even bigger than yours in size,
      yet, my pages load faster than your pages.

      Once you've resized them,
      delete the ones currently on your site,
      and replace them with the resized ones, and that would be it,
      at least concerning the pictures.

      Concerning the overall look of your site, yes,
      I've got the feeling of visiting a farm.

      A tiny little bit more of contrast between
      the letters and buttons would be appreciated.
      But your site has to please you first.

      You're the one who has to manage it daily.
      Feel comfortable with it, and juggle with
      what we all said to you...