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Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

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  • Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

    Hello there!

    I completely revamped everything and aimed towards a quicker load time by removing a LOT of my gifs and flash etc.

    I also used Vasilli's H-Tag codes and HTML H-Tag embedded.

    I used embedded links that are words and/or phrases in the sentences

    I really like the new 11.4 style ability to make the embedded links suit my taste. The old BV11.0 could not do this, as it crashed the BV Builder.

    I would only like feedback on these items and the general "look".

    My wife pointed out to me a lot of spelling errors, which I will attend to tomorrow. I just finished verifying all my links and making my "sitemap.xml" and putting it into the /public.html folder, as well as submitting it to GOOGLE. Tomorrow I will add in a robot.txt.

    Okay... let me know; and incidentally, my wife and I are going to have a baby! WOOHOO! We just found out the other day with the home pregnancy test, and today the Doc' verified it. My feet have not touched the ground since then. WOW! I am simply amazed [chuckle].
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    Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

    You have your pages openning up into new windows. New windows usually only open when transfering to another website. Go to each hyperlink and uncheck the open new window box.
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      Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

      Is opening a new window going to get me a negative rating with Google? My thoughts are that if someone has a new tab then they can click back and forth between the page they left and the page they are reading. That way they always have their reference page as the first tab and can cancel the page they just read.

      As a preference, this is how I surf through the Internet and other websites. I like having my pages as tabs simply as reference paths of how I got to the last tab on the right.

      At the same time I am curious if your suggestion is a matter of etiquette, or actual Google rules; respectively speaking of course. Thanks for the feedback.


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        Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

        I like the weather bug! How did you get it to sit on the left side? I copied the html from their site but can't get the thing to go anywhere I want. Thanks....


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          Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

          I would agree that the pages not opening in itself is very annoying and kinda strange. I have never seen a site done like that. To view your whole site you end up with a bunch of pages open. I stopped looking after the first three because of that. Most sites if I need to go to the home page I just click home or the back button.

          The rest of it looks good. Of course its your site. But because that is the way you like to surf doesnt mean everyone does. You are using it for business and want people to do business with you so it should appeal to them and not you. The site not operating like most websites that people are use to viewing might hurt that chance. I would think something was wrong with the site if I was viewing it on my own and not through the message board. I am not an expert at all but being unique may not always be a good thing.

          Another thought about it is this. A lot of people have switched back to dial up because of the current economy. I bet your site is very slow to dial up viewers because all the pages open in their own window.


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            Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

            Ditto with to many pages opening. Would also try to use "Education visa" instead of just ED a lot of the time to help with the SE's.
            Although the site is bright & colourful, i would stick to a consistent theme of background & text styles for the main text area’s on each page.
            Regards Chris.

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              Re: Okay! 2nd Time Around with BV11.4!

              Good points, and valid, too! Thank you. I liked the point about expanding the ED to Education for the SE's. It really made sense to me about the dial up viewpoint. The office traffic is picking up and I have had to put on several different hats and take care of my customers, as well as make a lot of paperwork errands. As soon as I can I will get back to the web site and make the changes for same window and the ED, and the matching text. Thank you all so much!