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  • Guesthouse in Greece Website

    Just finished a long overdue site overhaul. Seems like every time I go in I find a remaining link to the old look. Especially interested in making sure the site has a uniform look in both English & Greek.

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look. ALL suggestions for improvements will be very welcome!

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    Re: Guesthouse in Greece Website

    Hi Marcie,
    really nice!! I liked it the first time I looked at it some time ago, but it's even better now!
    Couple of tweaks just to round it all off:
    Side-scroll - you have a little on most pages but it's quite severe on the photo pages. Check the page widths in page properties
    Very small point: on the Spatholado page I found the black text a little hard to read.....different colour, maybe?
    Walk/Hike page: you have a link on the map that doesn't work??
    .....and - you'll need Vasili to check the Greek pages!

    Seriously, I think you've done a super job.....I'm going now to check flights to Athens - I'm ready to order some Honey Rub - I'm going now to collect the millions of acorns lying around under some big Oak trees we have & I'll be writing to you shortly about the Housekeeping vacancy for 2010!
    Much luck for next season,
    Never measure the height of the mountain you're climbing. At the summit, look back and see how small it really is!


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      Re: Guesthouse in Greece Website

      Website critique list.
      Looks & Layout:
      Site has the right feel.


      All seemed to work.

      Page Title’s:
      Use words that visitors will type when looking for your products. (Must also be within the text pages content)

      Page Keywords:
      Use words that visitors will type when looking for your products. (Must also be within the text content of the page)
      IE:Keywordsgreek island hotel kea,greek island accomodation kea, greek island guest-house kea,greek gourmet food,greek island vacation,mediterranean food,greek cooking schools.................................
      These phrases have not been placed in the home pages content & need correcting to help with the SE’s.

      Page Description:
      Use words that visitors will type when looking for your products. (Must also be within the text pages content)

      Search Engine suggestions:
      As above

      Page alignment:
      When using BV, the pages should be built from the far left side of your screen with the centre in browser box selected in page properties & a working width set from 785px to fit all screens & 985px wide to fit most without visitors getting side scroll.
      Your site will have side scroll & look different to many visitors with the settings you are using.
      IE:On this page the paragraph below has been duplicated 2 more times in the white area to the bottom right of the page & they need removing to stop side scroll.
      “Red Tractor Farm Guesthouse is open all year round.
      See photos & seasonal rates here: hotel page.
      Our gourmet condiments and preserves are produced seasonally
      in small batches with the freshest ingredients: marmalades&more
      The European Union support’s environmentally sustainable projects and
      has awarded our efforts with a financial grant for Greek island eco-tourism!
      Feel free to contact us for more information about visiting Kea: email RTF

      Not a major thing, but would reduce kbs & not use blue handles for resizing as a few are looking distorted.
      On this page the image below is missing. or possibly just badly named.

      Email links:
      Would personally aim at putting a form on the page to help stop spam.

      Not checked.

      Regards Chris.

      Collectables, Collecting,

      House build project


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        Re: Guesthouse in Greece Website

        Thanks so much David & Chris for taking the time to look through the site.
        I'll take your pointers and incorporate them tonight!
        David - I'll be posting much more about acorns in the next few days.