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BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

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    Re: BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

    I downloaded the new code because I was anxious to use the new logo maker. After the download when I logged in BlueVoda to check if everything looked ok, I noticed that my template did not come across on all of my pages. Will I have to add the template to those pages?


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      Re: BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

      Just updated to the 9.0.2 version ...
      notice that when I open existing pages now, all the pictures and backgrounds indicate "image not found" ... and some of the text is rather skewed on size and font style ... is this me?? ... do I have to reload pictures into each existing page ??

      The website still loads ok on the internet ... ...
      however, if I need to alter something minor, will I have to re-do the page before I retransmit ???

      Thanks for your help and insight !!!


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        Re: BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

        Hi Jessie,

        I hv the same menu bar problem as you. The letter size of the menu "blown-up" and when published, one of my menu bar is "unseen".

        Maybe we shd uninstalled and install again and see how. Will let you know again..
        Eric PSF
        A Father's Parenting Diary & More...


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          Re: BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

          Don't mean to hijack this thread but way cool upgrade!!! Way to go team BV the update was just what I was looking for.

          Cool !!



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            Re: BlueVoda V9.0.2 Issue Tracker

            1) All issues on this thread about BV 9.0.2 have now been resolved.
            2) Please click the below to download version 9.0.3


            3) Please report all issues related to version 9.0.3 on the below thread...


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