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  • iFramed Blogspot Mobile View

    I have my own domain hosted by BV and I have a site site set up.

    I also have a blog on

    I'd like to use my domain name with the blogspot blog, so I created an inline from on my index page and linked it to my blog spot blog.

    When looking at it on a desk top I'm ok with how it looks but when viewing on a smartphone- it cuts off the page when I hold the phone verticle, the page appears short. compared to if I just open the blog using the blogspot url.

    Is there a way to set up the inline page so it allows the link to view properly on a smart phone?

    Perhaps there's another better way to do this?

    Hope it makes sense and I would appreciate any guidance.
    Thanks. DMK

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    Re: Using Inline Frame and linking site to blogspot

    No ... there is no way to compensate for the shortcomings of the Mobile Viewscreen, even if using a responsive Blogspot Theme that is not specifically enabled for Phone views (unlike any responsive Wordpress Theme which are all "Phone-friendly," especially when coupled with a Framework such as VERTEX, for example, in addition to a single installation of Wordpress -- neither of which is available from Blogspot which is not User-Customizable in the least) .... nor is the use of iFrames a wise work-around at all, as it makes the Blog Navigation nearly impossible and creates a liability for the Domain itself in the eyes of the Search Engines with regard to 'Native Content' and 'Relevancy.'

    Blogspot may be "free," but since you already have Hosting, there are better "free" alternatives you need to consider.

    You would be better off auto-installing Wordpress via your cPanel using Fantastico, choosing a fully responsive Theme especially formatted for Phone View (there are hundreds of such free responsive WP Themes specifically designed for Realtors) and (if feeling capable) use the VERTEX Framework to specify the order and manner of which Modules of the Wordpress page presents itself on the Mobile Screen to thus optimally integrate your web presence. You can simply (and seamlessly) link to your WP Blog, have it contribute to the SE Value of your website (rather than create liability), and overall project a more professional web experience to Visitors and the SE's alike.

    PLAN A
    You can FORWARD your Domain itself (do not use a "301 re-direct" whatsoever) to the sub-directory you should install WP into for a truly seamless web design: if you choose this option, at the Registrar level you will FORWARD the Domain "" to "" where you have installed via cpanel your new Wordpress Blog using Fantastico. This way, Visitors will notice nothing when navigating, and there will be no issue with viewability on whatever device they are using.

    Better yet, you can forget any Forwarding altogether and simply move on to "Plan B" ....

    PLAN B
    In your Hosting cPanel you can easily create a strategically named no-cost (free) Sub-Domain upon your "" Domain instead of a simple Sub-Directory to install your Wordpress to (as is suggested by Fantastico) ... such as "MyRealtor" so the URL would then look like "" -- something that pairs perfectly with your already familiar name -- or something similar or more befitting your purposefullness (examples might be "" or "" etc.), which would make the URL of your WP Blog a more natural (organic) and memorable choice for Visitors, as well as create new unique SE Values. Or, simply keep the old name if you think it is too much a leap for you or potential clients (""). Either way, you can likely imagine and understand the possibilities now.

    * Once done this way, you can post an "Announcement" on your Blogspot with a link to your new WP Blog (for all those still making the effort to visit the old site) as well as publish a one page "Landing/Portal" to your "" site with very prominent links to the WP Blog along with anything else that needs be on the site now that you are free to enjoy an official "personal site" (if desired) sans any iFramed Blog or other dual-purpose Content. This way, no one can possibly "miss" your new, slick, functional, 100% viewable Realty Site.

    Copying your Blogspot Content to Wordpress is only a matter of COPY+PASTE once you've configured it, so really the only obstacle to an easier, sounder, and more compliant web design is your willingness to mitigate the changes required.

    Hope this helps more than it hurts ....
    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
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