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Survey Form using php not working

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  • Survey Form using php not working

    Hi I am having some issues putting a survey form together. The form represents a series of questions providing multiple answer format using combo box and editbox see

    1. The open page tab on browser should read "Biolab Medical" but instead reads "Cancel" (not very positive when marketing a product) the page saved as php in page properties does not show any reference to word "cancel" so I dont know why or how it reads as thus? How do i change this?

    2. As already stated above I am using combobox to feature multiple answer options in survey form the combo boxes and edit boxes have inline frame to form neat border or columns, I am not getting the form statistics sent to my email. I have followed the instructions using both

    application/x-www-form-urlencoded and multipart/form-data but both are not communicating. Please help!

    When building the page I originally tried to use table as template with the PHP form wizard but was not compatible ie the options did display when seen in preview mode. I guess some conflict has arised but im not sure where too look?

    Kind Regards