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    stuck w Q re form

    Tutorial says to change the ďvalues submitted from the web site formĒ But what to enter Ė trouble shooting text below video tutorial...
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    folder cpanel help still needed

    I deleted the index file in the public_html folder and reloaded the bike indesx page to public_html, still the bee index pages shows.

    As I see it my public_html folder should hold all the bike...
  3. domain folder upload issue still a trouble to me

    still having issues -- ned VERY specific info / steps.
    My Username is ??????? and Password is ???????? - go and see what's up! I set up livehoneybees as add on domain under public.html. my main...
  4. index page sub domain mix up cont.

    Help! When I go to, my index page shows!

    bikemepowered is the main public folder. livehoneybees a sub
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    Re: form help

    Hi Naval design guy - I've gotten much from your other postings - and LadyEye has bee of help too as I gain proficiency in web-land,

    Here's an update:

    I clicked on the tutorial link for...
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    form help

    My 1st, in trying to use BV's form maker hit a snag when there was no php html text to cut / paste, even though I'd made my form w a php extension. Someone's help on this would be GREAT. I can...
  7. Re: bicycle school form does not work yet -- but coming together

    I've been cursed w typos my whole life! Here's the properly written url:

    Thanks for your interest.
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    Re: seeking php form and email link help

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've tried to follow the Bv web-building intruction, but can not find any php html text when the tutorial asks to cut paste from start of page to between head tag.

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    seeking php form and email link help

    Just about done -- but would LOVE a little help to correct the errors in my reply form and the email address at the contact pages --

    Web site:

    With many thanks,

  10. bicycle school form does not work yet -- but coming together

    Your comments welcome to (corrected)

  11. Re: wanting email referral form to function

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for your reply and link to script. At this point I canít get to my cpanel, nor upload any pages Ė so itís a project Iíll get to in time. Ideally the BV staff will get back to...
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    Referral form help sought

    Iím wanting a form where visitors are invited to enter email addresses and names so they will get an automated reply from my site saying. ďFred has invited you to see this great site about bicycle...
  13. wanting email referral form to function

    Iím setting up a method for visitors to enter their friends name and email so a message from me saying ď your friend Bob [which would change to correspond with the senderís name] has invited you to...
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    Re: Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor

    I've gotten most of the way in creating the form Ė but my html code (Iím a nearly complete novice at all of this, btw) does not match that described in the tutorial for naming the thank you page at...
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