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  1. Re: Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

    Yeah, for some reason I thought that it was a flat rate no matter what company I chose.

    That was just me being dumb. XD

    Apologies for asking such a silly question!!

    I figured out how to...
  2. Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

    I hope this is the right thread to post this in. ^.^ If not I apologize!!

    I guess I should start out with some basic information first. I'm based out of the US. ^.^

    I've been trying to find...
  3. Re: A place to find peace and relaxation, review please.


    De-stressing one's life is always important to your happiness. It's a great idea to try and get information to people on how to ease their minds and feelings.

    However, the design of...
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    Re: photo for button with Mals


    This may just be something with my computer, but I noticed on your site (A Child's Place) that some of your words were overlapping each other.

    Here's a link to the screenshot I took.....
  5. Re: Can't find the right shopping cart...Help!

    I can't tell you how relieved I am!

    I checked out Mal's shopping cart, and at first turned away. This was simply because it's getting late and I was tired. I realized this and went back to check...
  6. Re: Can't find the right shopping cart...Help!

    Oh goodness I didn't see these replies until just now!

    They're both very helpful and I intend to look into them right away.

    I found a while ago that paypal has a shopping cart, and buttons...
  7. Re: How to? Notification Page For PW Protected Pages

    Ahh I was afraid of that.

    Thank you very much for your answer! =) Hopefully I can get this working, hehe.
  8. How to? Notification Page For PW Protected Pages


    I have read quite a bit on how to password protect pages under certain directories. I know how to access it in the control panel, how to add names, so on.

    But I have a slight problem,...
  9. Re: Can't find the right shopping cart...Help!


    Thanks for letting me know! :) I've found a cart that provides these but of course it costs a monthly charge. I've also looked on the OSCommerce forums a bit, but have only seen people...
  10. Can't find the right shopping cart...Help!


    Well, I've downloaded OSCommerce and have gotten it to work. However, there was something specific I needed that I can't seem to find in OSCommerce.

    As you can tell from my name, I'll...
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    Re: Uncertain how to fix Error...

    Did so after finding a similar issue with another person. I thought Blue Voda would send me back here so I posted here at first!

    Issue solved!

    Thanks very much! =)
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    Uncertain how to fix Error...


    Well, I installed OSCommerce from Fanastico as the tutorial showed me. However when I try to visit the store itself, or the admin area, I get this error:

    Server Requirement Error:...
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