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    I need to hire/pay someone to help me.

    I've been using BV forever. I have a site and it's been working fine.

    I added some text and uploaded it fine.

    Suddenly, the images don't show up.

    When I try to u/l images again or do...
  2. Re: Picture shows verticle and inserts horozontal

    Yes, but I have done that before w/o problems.
  3. I am totally lost. BV is saving my pages as Adobe Acrobat Documents and not bvp

    I say to save as bvp but it saves as an Adobe Acrobat document.

    What am I doing wrong after 12+ years of using BV?

  4. Shapes show when building site but not when published.

    I found one thread on this however it didn't help.

    I am using version 12.2 With Windows 10.

    I have been using BV almost forever and I recall using shapes to create borders and boxes before;...
  5. Picture shows verticle and inserts horozontal

    All the sudden, I go to insert a picture and in the file, it shows vertical, in the preview, it shows horizontal.

    If I insert it, it is horizontal and I can't flip it to make it vertical

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    I'm need help on this one.

    I have been using BV Website builder for 7+ years and this one stumps me.

    I have my index page an it work fine; I have a link for the next page (named two)and from there to a third page named...
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    My drag function (w/mouse) is jerky.

    I know I had to screw something up because I was trying to put some grids, etc. matter. No mlllatter on that one.

    It us to be when I grabbed an item, I could smoothly move it from point to point,...
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    Can't find scrolling text bar icon

    I used it many times before but can't find it no.

    Details please on finding It.

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    Simple issue I can't solve

    I want to title my page and so I put in what I want (Ajijic Artist Louise) but it still comes up UNTITLED PAGE.

    I have even removed the index page from the sever rather than replace it then u/l...
  10. Picture hiding past right border on builder but peeks out when published.

    My builder screen width is 800.

    When I publish to the web, I see a picture peeking out on the right hand side about two lines below the other pictures.

    I went back to builder and made the width...
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    Different Browser Displays?

    Probably the oldest issue around but I can't find the right thread.

    My website (Done w/B.V.) shows differently in different browsers.

    What to do?

  12. I want to put BVWB on another computer and can't find SIMPLE instructions.

    I have BV on one computer. I want to put the program on my other computer.

    When I go to the main page, it says I am already registered.

    I find lots of "answers" but no details. I just want...
  13. Background image question. First try; I don't relly know how to ask this one.

    I have seen websites where there is a background picture and then you put text/graphics over it but it can still be seen. It's as if the text and pictures on top are themselves somewhat transparent....
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    Images Too Large for Conveyor

    I just started with conveyor belt and have one real problem with picture sizing.

    When I insert the C.B. box, I note it can be resized before adding pictures. When I add pictures though, they are...
  15. No matter what I do, page length displays longer than I set.

    I do my page and set height at 2600 but in real-time viewing, it goes way lower. I have looked for anything that might be pulling it down but don't see anything.

    Any help will be greatly...
  16. BlueVoda spills over on the right when I'm working.

    When I am using BV, the page is too wide and spills over on the right.

    I can correct this but only if I reduce my display setting to 1600X900 which makes everything else I see tiny. This is not...
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    Youtube link issue. Really need help.

    I u/l a video to youtube (40mb/14 minutes).

    It previews fine but when I set it live, it doesn't show up. I have waited 5+ minutes, reloaded, etc. and still nothing in real time.

    It looks like...
  18. Re: Linking to a pdf on my site (yes, I searched)

    General Darren, SIR!

    I got it. Must have changed it after you looked.

    Many thanks.
  19. Re: Linking to a pdf on my site (yes, I searched)

    Please try again. I just did it and got the 404. Yes, I refreshed.


  20. Re: Linking to a pdf on my site (yes, I searched)

    Clearly, I'm doing something wrong.

    Here is the link I put into my page:

    The pdf file is loaded to my main directory and is named "middle.pdf" but no quote...
  21. Linking to a pdf on my site (yes, I searched)

    I'm sure it's simple but I'm simpler.

    I u/l a pdf file w/no problems, but I don't know what to put in the link box(es).

    On the web page I put "CLICK HERE" (w/o the "" marks) but no matter what...
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    Just so I understand, am I right that

    when I set the screen size as 640/480, on a fresh page, that it will show "best" on a monitor that size? If I set it larger, there will be a bar at the bottom to move the picture to see it all and if...
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    Re: How to change size of screen.

    BINGO!! Yes. Never thought of/about that but it does seem reasonable.

    So are you saying that if I want to create a new page from the git-go, I can use the width/ruler for whatever size I want? ...
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    Re: How to change size of screen.

    OK, below is a screen shot of what I have in BV.

    You can see how it turns out when I save an u/l in html. There are no pictures because I'm doing a piggyback onto another side w/o an image ...
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    Re: How to change size of screen.

    I set the width, move the ruler and nothing changes, everything still goes from the far left to the far right. I do this on both a blank page and an existing page but nothing changes anything.

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