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    Youtube issue

    Hello my url is I have a issue with trying to play a youtube video on my website it only shows the bluevoda video in preview browser. But when I try to add any other...
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    Best customer service on the net

    I have been with bluevoda for 10 years and all I can say is a massive thank you for helping me all through these years. The website builder is in my eyes the best ever and hope the new version of the...
  3. How to create a free App for SmartPhones

    Hello My url is which is still being constructed. What I need is a smart phone app for free so my site can be mobile friendly. Can I make one from the bluevoda website...
  4. closing domain name and opening a new domain name

    Hello I am thinking in closing my car club down as I have now lost interest. If I purchase a new domain name for my aquarium business can I still use my old account and still use the bluevoda website...
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