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    Brilliant Customer Support

    I just wanted to acknowledge how brilliant the customer support here is ..I am in the middle of a major launch and I "broke" my system was fixed within minutes

    Brilliant ..thank you

  2. Re: How to customize my 404 error page

    Thanks Darren stupid question ..should I already have a .htaccess or do I need to create one ..and if I do ?

    sorry for being slow ..but ..still learning (even though been here for 2...
  3. How to customize my 404 error page


    I have found where I customise my 404 page (in cpanel) but are there any instructions to how to do it ?

    Many thanks

  4. script on this page is busy ..please help me understand


    I have been getting the message - script on this page may be busy....

    Looking through past threads I...
  5. Re: webpage fine in explorer garbage in Firefox

    Thanks - I have re-written it now & hopefully that has solved it ..really frustrating though as now I have lots of area's of text that I endup having to shuffle down each time I change something...
  6. webpage fine in explorer garbage in Firefox


    I am in the throughs of writing this sales page & wanted to have a quick check that it all looked ok ..
    it looks fine in explorer but in firefox...
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    Re: I am new


    Just make sure that you watch the tutorials and if you are stuck look through the forum for answers - they are all out there!

    My advice would be to check your naming of your pages first...
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    Re: Trying to publish only in PHP..

    Just wanted to say thanks for all this information - this was exactly what I was looking for ..ain't it great when forums work!

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    Re: Hello from a newbie

    welcome - my advice would be to watch all the tutorials
    make she that you do not use uppercase or spaces when naming your pages -I found that if you have an initial problem it is normally the naming...
  10. Re: please review site (but be nice!)

    Yep - still learning & tweeking ...& yes sometimes it feels like homework!

    Cheers for the comments
  11. Re: please review site (but be nice!)


    Just wanted to say thanks - I have taken note of lots of your comments & feel alot happier with my site

  12. please review site (but be nice!)


    Could you review my site -most appreciated
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    Re: MS Access datebase

    Thanks for the quick reply Karen.
    This is a completely new project so I could write it in mysql - once I have figured out how to do this (any help greatfully recd) how do I then put it into my web...
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    MS Access datebase

    I want to add data from my access database into my webpage so that you can see it immediately - If I download the report through FTP can I then some how extract that data to show directly on to my...
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    Blue Voda Suggestion


    Hope you don't mind me making this suggetion:

    Attached to our own profiles we could have a favorites folder. This would be really useful for threads that we need time again (e.g. the...
  16. Re: completed form not returning all data to email

    Thanks naveldesign
    now works perfectly ! thanks for your time
  17. completed form not returning all data to email


    I have been through the items already listed on here and cannot find the answer.
    When a customer completes my survey, the data should return to my email (i have the properties set to...
  18. Re: My website..what do you think?

    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the feedback & I totally agree with the way it looks however I was assured by my internet marketing mentor that this is the way to go ..just shows you there are always different...
  19. My website..what do you think?

    Hi everyone

    I have always been impressed by the feedback that you all give when reviewing everyone's sites....SO please could you have a look at mine.

    I love...
  20. Re: Is there a logon counter for webpages?

    I have aquired statcounter - but I am being really thick! has given me the code but I am not sure where to put says insert after the
    <body >tag & before the </body> tag..can't see those...
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