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    Sticky: Re: BlueVoda Version 12.2

    Wow!! May I ask, should I uninstall my old BV sitebuilder before installing the new version?
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    Am I opening a can of worms?

    My website is

    Some time ago I inadvertantly hit delete on my folder for all 130+ pages of

    I have put up a temporary index page for the store...
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    Re: Can I eliminate the Media Player frame?

    the media player only has controls for autoplay, loop and hide
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    Can I eliminate the Media Player frame?

    My website is

    I have uploaded a .wav video created with MS Movie Maker from presentation slides.

    I am running it with Media Player on the index page.

  5. Re: adding the current date and change font scripts

    Is a half an answer as good as a whole one?

    As to the second part of your query, I find many sites have fonts way too small for these old eyes to read. Increasing the magnification of the screen...
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    adding a tell a friend script

    I was wondering if Voda has any predesigned scripts -- especially a "Tell a Friend" script that will allow visitors to fill out a form in a pop up window. I've searched for some online and they seem...
  7. Re: Can I create a link to open to a specific paragraph?

    I don't know how to thank you. Thank you so much for the reply and the oh-so-clear "Tip". I did a trial run on my not-yet published page and it works as slick as a whistle.

    ya sure
  8. Re: Can I create a link to open to a specific paragraph?

    Thanks. Now, the problem is my lack of knowledge on how to access the bookmark function.

    I selected an area of text and then the link icon. Clearly, the term bookmark is there, but I don't sem...
  9. Can I create a link to open to a specific paragraph?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    I can easily create a link that opens a designated page in my site (no sweat), but can I link from text on one page to a specific paragraph or item on another page? ...
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    Please have a "looksie" at my site

    I'm looking forward to any and all who would check out my site:

    This is my first website and the learning curve has been pretty tough for an old girl nearing 64. That...
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    To what location should I upload files?

    My site is I am trying to build a store and want the link to the store to read pages associated with the store

    I have created a file folder called Store...
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