I truly feel sorry that Microsoft won out with its software becoming so dominant. It's far too complex, and has tons too many options available. Did they ever hear of Keep It Simple Stupid. I guess they didn't!

I was trying to update my IBM laptop through Lenova, and it is quite a mental exercise to see what updates I need. The other complexity creators are IBM. And I have both - worst luck- on one poor little machine. What they can make complex could never be easy. I really did like my e-machine with WindowsMe, that cost peanuts, and didn't need a PhD to update it. I know that this computer is far from secure, but to read through Lenova's updates tells me nothing. So I went for one item, downloaded it, and it could not be installed without some nutty .Net Frame download from Microsoft - just select one from another long list!
I finally thought I'd blow the machine with .NET 1.1, though I have SP2 (help and save us!). But it appears the wonderful .NET 1.1 is for
XP Pro x64. Now who on this green earth knows whether they have XP Prox64? I know I have XP Pro, but I've never in my life heard of
XP Pro X 64. I never did find out which .NET Frame to download, in my hope of keeping Lenova happy to update this IBM Laptop...if I ever figure out pages of updates! I haven't the least doubt that a refurbished Laptop needs updates, but when I scan the computer, I get miles of stuff to download that probably doesn't apply. I've tried to make the computer secure, for example, but it's still far more insecure than my e-machine was on its most gloomy days. I have all the Microsoft updates supposedly, but the computer rates about 3 out of 10 for security! Unfortunately my secure old e-machine had hardware problems eventually., and I decided to get a laptop. It's a real nuisance machine, even if it does cook the breakfast and do the dishes and drive the car. It's time Microsoft and IBM teamed up to produce a good machine for ordinary folk, who don't want to do anything extraordinary. We just want a secure good computer that updates easily and doesn't take all day to do the chores on it. I want to do research, nopt look after this toy for men to tinker with. IBM and Microsoft are time-consuming.