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Thread: Can I Change My Domain Name.

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    Default Can I Change My Domain Name.

    When I first registered with Blue Voda,I got a domain name,but only half finished the site I was working on.
    Since then,I have built a completely new site,but I need a different domain name,can I cancel the first domain name and change it for my new one?
    How do I do this?

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    Default Re: Can I Change My Domain Name.

    hi gary to be honest i think you will find the answer to be no
    the domain name is registerd for one year with some one else not vodahost so if you have already paid i think it is just a case of its yours

    you can always by a new one they arnt that expensive
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    Default Re: Can I Change My Domain Name.

    is voda host can sale one for a voda customer?
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