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Thread: just a quicky..I'm not so bright today...

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    Question just a quicky..I'm not so bright today...

    do I need to publish my pages in order to see them link or can I do this in preview. because its not linking when I preview. is this right.

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    Default Re: just a quicky..I'm not so bright today...

    Are you using FrontPage or a another Program or BlueVoda? Links should work when you preview them unless....

    if your site is called.... and your links point to say then the links will not work until you uploaded the site But....

    Lets say you have an index page and then a folder with all your other pages in it.

    The links on those other pages can read ....


    and it will work when you preview and it will work when you upload. the thing to be careful of is that ../ actually means 'go out of the folder I am in so....

    ../index.html means go out of the folder that I am in (the current page) and find index.html

    If the pages you are linking to are all in the same folder then your links can simply say the name of the page and it will work in a preview and when the site is online.. For example, just make your links say


    Forget about the www part :)

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