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    Anybody a fan of this show? Season 3 just started in the UK.

    An entirely new perspective on aliens invading Earth that began with 4400 people being abducted by aliens. All the people were from different periods in time through out recent history but they have all been returned to the present day each with a special ability or power.

    After two seasons the plot still isn't entirely clear except to say that these people will play a part in the downfall of our species (eventually) and the little spin off plots in each episode are mostly very clever too.

    It is now also starting to involve government conspiracies and secret organisations to overthrow various people in power as well as what can only be described as terrorist cells (off people from the 4400) who believe they are being mistreated and will happily show the world who they are and what they can do, often with dangerous consequences to the human population.

    Other non-alien related problems that make things a whole lot more interesting for the 4400 investigators.

    Recommended viewing for those who like sci-fi... And that's from somebody who only ******* around 5 hours of TV per week.

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    OH yeah...I love that show ..but only mange to catch it every now and then...but I look ofrward to


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