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Thread: website not coming up

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    Question website not coming up

    I was so proud - got it up and going, easy to navigate but when I do a search for my website using key words or even the name of my website, there is "zilch". I must be in limbo-land.


    Elsie Inzer

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    In google and Yahoo? give it time
    In MSN type your full address in their search and then send to them.

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    indexing may take months... the best thing for you to do is to keep adding content... publish..publish...publish, create content... spiders are always crawling for fresh content, get a forum..its free in fantastico, the google bot loves to crawl forums so Get a forum for your site, index it with google, then watch forum "Guests"... google bot will be lurking almost after every new post... of course you will have to trace the IP to see if its the google bot. Use search engine friendly html endings for your pages if possible.

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    Be sure to install the 'Ror site map generator'
    go to 'customer support', popular files', look down for ROR site map.

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