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Thread: How to keep photos from being downloaded?

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    Default How to keep photos from being downloaded?

    How do I keep photos from being downloaded? I am wanting to add some photos that have been purchased to my website, but part of the agreement is to lock the photos so they can' t be downloaded. Can I do that in Blue Voda website builder? Or can it be done somewhere else? Thanks so much for your help!

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    Default Re: How to keep photos from being downloaded?

    If its on the web, then it can be got at by those who really want to....

    Most browsers use a cache to store items from the web to save downloading the same things over again.
    this means that one has only to look in the cache and voila, there they are............

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    Default Re: How to keep photos from being downloaded?

    Although not entirely fool proof for real techy people here is a script that you can add to the html on your page properties, add between the head section,(where you right click on one of your pages, page properties, you will see html properties, add it in there.) This will deny right click from users ....

    <script language="Javascript1.2">
    // ***********************************************
    // URL:
    // Use the script, just leave this message intact.
    // Download your FREE CGI/Perl Scripts today!
    // ( )
    // ***********************************************
    message = "Add your own message here, (mine says contact webmaster, you may want to say, copyrighted or something, (put it in between these quotes where I am writing now";
    function NoRig***lick(b) {
    if(((navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")&&(event.button > 1))
    ||((navigator.appName=="Netscape")&&(b.which > 1))){
    return false;
    document.onmousedown = NoRig***lick;
    // -->


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    Default Re: How to keep photos from being downloaded?

    Thanks a million. Appreciate your help!!!

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