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Thread: Paypal perl How to?

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    Default Paypal perl How to?

    I'm trying to deal with paypal perl script

    Configuring the PayPal Password Management Script
    Once the Perl script is installed and Basic Authentication is set up, you will need to configure your server. Using a text editor you need to fill in a few configuration options in 1.Open the file (it should be in your CGI script directory; this example assumes /var/www/cgi-bin): pico /var/www/cgi-bin/ 2.Near the top of the file are the following lines: # User Constants - customize these to YOUR installation
    my $PASSWORD_FILE = '/var/www/files/.htpassword';
    my $TRANSACTION_FILE = '/var/www/files/processed_txns';
    my $PAYPAL_URL = '';

    Configuring the PayPal Password Management Script
    Configuring the PayPal Password Management Script

    April 2002 Password Management Installation Guide

    my $PERIOD1 = '';
    my $PERIOD2 = '';
    my $PERIOD3 = '';
    my $AMOUNT1 = '';
    my $AMOUNT2 = '';
    my $AMOUNT3 = '';
    my $SMTP_SERVER = '';
    my $ADMIN_EMAIL = '';
    my @PAYMENT_EMAILS = ('');
    Change the path of $PASSWORD_FILE to that of your .htpassword file which you created above. 4.You need to specify a path and filename for $TRANSACTION_FILE. This file is used to track the transactions the Password Management script has processed. Create this file using the touch command: touch /var/www/files/processed_txns 5.Then change the owner so the script will be able to write to it (replace our example Apache username with your actual username): chown /var/www/files/processed_txns apache


    I don't understand...then I don'tknow what to do...
    I know it's not a BV related question..but if somebody have
    a clear step by step set up and configuration for a "stupid idiot". I'll take it!

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    Default Re: Paypal perl How to?

    Montana.. I'm not familiar with PayPal or its installation.. but there a few things that I do recognize up there.. Lets try this.. this makes 2 stupid idiots trying to work something out..

    1. I am assuming that you've installed Perl script on the server.. (the server is basically the space VodaHost has allocated to your website and which you access via the CPanel and FTP..).
    2. I am assuming that you've followed some instructions which should have come with Perl to complete the Authentication process referred to above.

    Step by step.. are we sweet so far..?

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    Default Re: Paypal perl How to?

    I ez-ez,
    So far I uploaded the script in cgi bin

    I's not a lot...
    Firts problem is

    For the web server to run the Password Management script you'll need to change its owner. The script should be owned by the user Apache runs as. To determine what user Apache runs under either ask your system administrator or look in your Apache configuration file (httpd.conf). To change ownership of this file use chown as shown in the following example:

    chown /var/www/cgi-bin/ apache

    The Perl script is now successfully installed.

    Do I have to rename adding apache at the end to change ownership of the file?

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    Default Re: Paypal perl How to?

    Hi Montana

    Have you manage to install the password mgmt script for paypal? I wanted to do the same thing. Can you tell me how to do it if you have already done it?

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    Default Re: Paypal perl How to?

    No, Montana has installed our own php pasword/login/payment scriptjustsome time ago.
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