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Thread: New Webpage: Reciprocal Links for New sites

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    Default New Webpage: Reciprocal Links for New sites is currently Exchanging Reciprocal Links.
    Links will make or break a Website. Either you spend $ on advertising or exchange links. No inbound Links or No advertising Budget = Dead Website
    Vodahost has atleast 20,000 inbound links... and thats why, more than likely, you are a paying customer of vodahost... if vodahost did not advertise and had only 4 inbound links, it would die and this forum would have 0 posts. has atleast 8,000,000 inbound links.
    check your links (link popularity) here:
    Website Genre: Inmate/Prison Pen Pal -18 and older.
    Online since: March 2006 (less than a year)
    Daily Traffic= 124-220 Visitors
    Alexa Page Rank= 1.3 million (as of sept12,2006)
    (Vodahost Alexa rank is about 7000, Most New sites Rank at about 5 million)
    Add to favorites= 57% of first time visitors add to favorites
    Pages Viewed Per Visitor: 15
    Website depth: 176 Pages with appx 7 New pages added weekly (as of sept12,2006)
    Links from an Internet Search Engine to
    (as of 9/11/2006)
    - Unknown search engines =34 links
    - MSN =33 links
    - Google =3 links
    - Hotbot =1 link
    Links from an external page to
    (other web sites except search engines)
    (as of 9/11/2006)
    - 54 inbound links Web Presence = Limited (less than 1000 inbound links)
    Worl Wide Reach: has recieved page views from these countries:
    United States Great Britain Canada Bangladesh Australia European Union United Arab Emirates Greece Ghana New Zealand Austria Netherlands Germany
    Google page Rank for Lost 0/10 (Vodahost 3/10, Myspace 8/10... higher the better)
    You may review stats at the bottom of this page:

    You may request a Reciprocal Link with at the middle of this page:

    All questions and requests should be submitted at (not this forum thread)
    Thank You.

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    Default Re: New Webpage: Reciprocal Links for New sites

    Just a comment about exchanging links. The se's also pay attention to who is linking to you - and the more that the links are related, the better they will serve you.

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