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    I'm sure I am missing something. I can create text and change the font color. However, I have a background on my page-- how do I make the background of the text not be white or some other color-- that is, how can I make the background of the text the same as the background of the page?

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    If you right click on the text box you will see the properties. You can change the background colour here. Automatic usually means transaparent so you can use the page background, or you can choose a colour.

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    Are you selecting the text tool at the top of the bv just under 'help'?
    The little box with the A on it and says text when you scroll over it.

    When I select that tool, the text box that appears has a transparent
    background already! To change that background, I would highlight
    the text with the cursor and left button held down, then select a
    background color from the background selection next to the font color.

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    Once you have created the text box, and typed in your text, right click the text box. Click the arrow next to the box where "automatic" appears, and then a colour chart will open up. If you choose Custom, then another infinately variable colour menu opens.

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