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Thread: Not able to create addon for .eu domain

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    Default Not able to create addon for .eu domain


    I've registred a .eu domain with a dutch company. I've asked them to point this name to 'my' Voda DNS. This was more then 48 hours ago. After that I tried to create an addon domainname and got this error:

    Addon Domain Additions

    Bind reloading on voda9 using rndc zone: [] The subdomain, has been added. is already configured.

    Removed Entry from httpd.conf The subdomain, has been removed. could not be setup. The subdomain was not setup either.

    Please help!


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    Default Re: Not able to create addon for .eu domain


    I get the same error message. But mine was a .com domain.

    Have you got the problem solved? I'm still waiting for Helpdesk reply.
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