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    Default Which Cart to Choose

    I just switched over to BlueVoda yesterday. I used to use Yahoo's shopping cart, then switched to the free cart through Paypal. I know a little basic HTML. I'm wondering which cart to choose.

    I sell t-shirts, and each shirt has a few options - size, color, and sometimes a few others regarding layout. Do any of the carts allow choices to be greyed out depending on the first choice made? For example, someone wants a design on a kid's tee, but kid's tees don't come in pistachio, say. So that color option would be eliminated.

    Right now, I have to set up each style separately - men's tees, ladies tees, kids tees, adult sweatshirts, kids sweatshirts - for each design. It would be nice to be able to have them view the design, select the shirt style, then choose from only the available colors for that style. Clear as mud?

    Thanks for your help!


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    Very cool site Jennifer.
    There are many options for shopping carts, like you I use Paypal and have not had any problems. There are several in cpanel, os-commerce seems to be quite common. Do a search above for shopping carts and read what others have to say about their programs. Bethers and Amanda comments on this are very good.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Which Cart to Choose

    If you used the shopping cart I use (Cart Manager) - which is a cut and paste one - if you set up the various options and saved them - all you'd need to do is change the individual product information on each one (Price, Name, Item #). You'd also, if you have the basic knowledge you say - be able to set up a "generic" button - add the items I mentioned - then delete out the options that the product you are doing doesn't have.

    It's going to be some work no matter what.

    And look at the carts carefully to make sure you can do all you want with them. In Soho you only have 6 or 8 options available to a product (unless someone customizes the shopping cart php) - which was a deal breaker for me on that cart.

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