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    I suggest you watch the tutorials.... It depends on the button... are you using an advanced button or a 'normal' button?
    Then if you want a counter (a script that counts the amount of ppl have been to your webpage) you need to download one. Just search at google for 'counter scripts' and download the one you like. One question do you want the counter, so that other people can see it or so that you can see it? Because if it's only for you - you can find out all the itraffic information from your control panel...


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    I agree with Chris that for the questions you have, the best answers are in the tuturials. The tutorial on navigation will give you step-by-step on creating a link to another page.

    Everyone should watch all the tutorials before building - maybe more than once- and then go back to reference the ones needed at certain points. Then, if you still have questions - ask away :) with the exact problem you're having implementing.

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    It might be a good idea to go ahead and just build one
    page and get it published. Then, work on the next page
    and linking. Getting that first page 'on the air' would
    greatly improve your confidence and, after all, that is
    really the most difficult part. Once over that, the
    rest is just protocol.

    Please remember, when building links: they will not
    operate in preview unless the page you are linking to
    is published. If you publish index, then publish page2,
    now you can build a link: (this link is only
    for illustration). Also remember that when publishing
    you never add 'html', the system does that for you,
    but when building a link, you MUST put your entire
    URL as shown above, inlcude the page you are linking
    to and .html on the end.

    The reason we do not add an extention on the end of
    the page name when publishing is because the builder
    program is in another code (CSS I think) and it is
    converted to html by the publishing process.
    my site: has a page on it
    called 'funnies' where I can try to add some humor
    to life. So, when I build my link from the index page,
    I have a 'Nav bar' and in the 'properties' I set the
    url to:
    My 'links' page:
    and so on. In the link properties, do not leave out the
    http on the front end, and don't leave off the .html
    on the rear. You can also set a link by using the text
    tool at the top. Type in your text, Highlight it with your
    mouse, select the link globe at the top (has a chain link)
    and enter the url.

    Here's another forum post that will help:

    Hope that will help you.

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    Hi there, I just thought to add this: When viewing the tutorials, have the page you are building minused out and watch the tutorial. Pause the video, minus it out and do the work needed. You can flip back and forth this way as to not have to remember the exact steps of the entire video.
    As far as a counter goes supplied me with the code for an invisible counter that I simply pasted as html on all of my pages. gives a very good up to the minute report of all traffic on your site. If you need help adding this to your site get back to anyone here and we will help you out. kenb

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy old man
    I have made some progress thanks to your previous replies, but I need more help. I am sure that I could get this from the video tutorials but a 10 second/half sentence which is all I can get from them is no help at all.
    How do I make a button "work" as in do something?
    How do I create a link to another page?
    How do I create a counter?

    Any and all help or advice is most welcome. I am 60 yrs old and self-taught on my ancient pc, so patience is needed.


    All of your pages will have names .....
    All of your page urls will begin with your website address ..... (for this example I will use grumpyoldman as your website address)

    Your very first page must be named index - nothing else but index
    By default, this is the page that your website address will lead anyone to

    that would be your URL or also called your website address (addy)

    Your following pages, (for example, I will call them, peanuts and grapes)

    you would simply call your page - peanuts
    and the url would be

    and next would be grapes
    and the url would be

    you will notice, all urls of the other pages have .html after them ... remember this is not the case for index

    1. Important to name and save and publish your page with the same name ...... all small letters, no symbols or spaces, or if you do use a space you must join your letters together using _

    2. Buttons - if you choose a navigation bar or menu, you double click on that once you insert it onto your page you are building. You will notice a pop up menu appear and here you will type the name of your button, and you will type the url of the page .... this is how you will link your pages together by using this method.

    3. Linking just a word .... you can link a word on your page, what you do is click with the left button of your mouse, the last letter in that word and drag your mouse to highlight the word, then you go to your top toolbar and find insert, then choose link, then in the pop up box, you again type the url .....

    4. Linking an image .... same can be done with an image, double click the image, go to insert, insert link and type the url ....

    remember the urls must start with http:// and in most cases this is filled in for you ..... do not add it again if it is already there

    Hope this helps you!


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    All I can say is - if I was starting with no knowledge and trying to build based on all the help here - I'd be pulling my hair out. Everyone is giving very meaningful help - but none of it will mean anything to you until you work in the storebuilder as you watch the tutorials.

    Then all of this could start making sense.

    Just my two more cents.

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