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Thread: Form Maker Pro or Advanced Form Processor?

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    Smile Form Maker Pro or Advanced Form Processor?

    I am going to jump into the water here. I need a form page and a contact page.
    After reading the postings, Form Maker Pro and Advanced Form Processor seem to be two different methods.
    Which one to choose if they are different? Which do you find easier, quicker to figure out, and rated pg for the simple minded?
    My form will have 15 fields for the customer to fill out, two of those fields will have drop down choices.
    My contact page will be your normal email us for questions and comments.

    What do ya'll recommend?


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    Default Re: Form Maker Pro or Advanced Form Processor?


    The only difference between the two - is the fact the with ABVFP you create the form in BV, and therefore you can customise everything, it may be a bit hard to use ABVFP. But, if you want a specific look to your form it'll be well worth it. And besides, ABVFP hasa step-by-step tutorial.

    Do you know how to set up a mySQL database in your control panel? If you don't you could watch the tutorial - if you use FMP.
    With FMP - you can do advanced stuff... like create a database to set up user rights, view all the info that the user submitted - without setting up a notification system, ect. FMP is customisable, but only to an extent... if you want a heading and navigation buttons to your website. You would have create the form using FMP - and then import the .html from FMP and paste it onto your BlueVoda page... or create and Iframe that links to the forms location... both are easy to do if you watch the tutorials about BV.

    FMP allows you to do much more... but ABVFP will probably be a better choice for your needs... many might disagree with me though... :)

    Good Luck,

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