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Thread: osCommerce free templates easy to edit?

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    Red face osCommerce free templates easy to edit?

    Hi I am a new member...will join as soon as my cancellation to 1and1 is processed. At any rate, I am really excited about blue voda and plan to use one of the osCommerce templates. I was wondering if anyone knew if they are easy to particular the header to add my own image as well as my logo.

    Your thoughts are appreciated!

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    Default Re: osCommerce free templates easy to edit?

    It depends on how much you want to edit them. For what you said here, that should be easy. Some things within get complicated.

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    Default Re: osCommerce free templates easy to edit?

    I tried the os commerce template. I did not try to modify the header, but I did try to modify the left column menu. It took quite a while to figure out how. You have to edit 3 or 4 ifferent files. When I was done I could not get it to look right.

    So I decided to s**** it and do my site the old fashioned way and created my own templates.

    I created a index.php and include files for the header, the left column menu, and the right column. The index.php becomes my template. Whenever I change one of the includes the change is instantly made on all pages.

    My (very much unfinished) site is


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