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Thread: Republishing doesn't affect the new one..

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    Lightbulb Republishing doesn't affect the new one..

    Good afternoon, sir..

    I have a little problem about the pages I'm publishing. When i republish again the updated pages of the site it does not show the latest updates of the pages.

    I forgot here where I've read about the clearing the cache. I think that will help me. The forum admininistrator is the sender of that message.. Can anyone link me to that???


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    Default Re: Republishing doesn't affect the new one..

    also make sure you are still publishing to the rite folder as if you have more than 1 site you can get confused and forget to change the file destination when publishing like i have lots of times
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    Default Re: Republishing doesn't affect the new one..

    To clear your cache push F5 lots or just click refresh about 10 times really fast.

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