1) Why are my downloads incomplete?
2) Why is my download corrupted?

Corrupted zip files are 99% of the time caused by what is called packet loss during the download process. This means that if your internet connection has even the slightest of hiccups during the download process, it will cause a millisecond disturbance to the data stream and your download will not be downloaded completely. So even if you get 99.999999% of the file, it still will not work.

The speed of your connection does not come in to play when we are talking about packet loss, obviously the faster your connection the better. But what is more important than connection speed is connection quality.

Here is the solution...

1) Completely delete the corrupted zip file.
2) Click Here to download a download manager, a download manager will divide the data stream up into multiple streams, plus it will at least triple your download speed.
3) Install the download manager and reboot your computer.
4) Re-download the zip file.


PS...In order for you to open a zip file, you must have winzip installed on your computer. If you do not have winzip installed. Please Click Here now.