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    Question Os commerce

    Can anybody please help me
    Please how do I configure my Os commerce store. I have tried doing it through the tutorial but I don't seems to be able to do it.
    The problem is that what I see whenever I open my Os commerce page is different from what is in the Os commerce tutorial page. The Os commerce page contain the following items - Configuration, Catalog, Customer, etc but my does not give me these items.

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    The tutorials depict sample pages, and should not be expected to be followed verbatim......they are furnished to familiarize you with the processes and functionalities that osCommerce includes for your personal considerations.

    With this in mind, try reviewing the tutorials once again, even as to pausing them and viewing them with your Control Panel to apply the methodology.
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    Default Re: Os commerce

    Are you getting to your OS store by way of
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    Question Re: Os commerce

    I have recently installed osCommerce onto the domain of
    The stores name will be Teddys Discount Center when activated....


    My one of many problems is in the foloowing area.

    When viewing the specific category: in this case Home Decor.......

    After clicking on any of the items I should get a discription page..... it does not appear....... I added a discription.....

    Then when I try to make a purchase of a product I am told the product can not be found.....

    So basically I start at the
    page, click on an item and get the following, at which I can not view or even make a purchase of the product in question....

    Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?

    I have been into the admin area and made sure everything was set up as required.......

    Nor can anyone create an account from the store...........

    Thank you

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    Robert A. Montgomery

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    Default Re: Os commerce


    Do you ask these questions on the OSC forum?

    If I had to guess, you dont have your attributes set up for your categories and tho you have added products, you dont have them assigned properly to the category to display.

    AS far as the sign in i got to the sign in part, but couldnt make an account. Im guessing you dont have something set up there either. You need to go thru EACH tab on your admin and take care of each area.

    You may have to reinstall depending upon what you have tried to customize or not customize. If your server was one that has recently been moved, or went down due to maintenence you might try a manual install to over write the faulty files, and reconnect the database. Im not sure, and Im not going to load OSC to find out.



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