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Thread: cannot link to other pages

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    Default cannot link to other pages

    hi everyone,
    i have now got my homepage published and visible on the web. but when i click on one of the buttons to go to another page, it just comes up as error 404. i have linked each page to a particular button like this ie:
    button name - radio. am i doing something wrong for the other pages which are published for this to happen

    thanks. djdavecontrol


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    Default Re: cannot link to other pages

    Since the button on the home page is different for the radio page than what you typed here - and neither works, I'm going to guess you aren't naming the pages the same as how you're linking them.

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    Default Re: cannot link to other pages

    hi bethers.
    your right. did some head scratching and just figured it out.
    thanks for replying


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    Default Re: cannot link to other pages

    Hi, bether,

    I think I have put up have some where here under a new thread regarding a problem associating with publishing that came out with 404.I could not find the thread here after going through all 15 forum pages. so I hope it is not wrong to present here again in case that thread was lost.

    I have punblished succesffuly the first page-The index page, I have also suceesfully published the 2nd page -About us.But the 2d page (about -us) could not be displayed with the advice -404,when I clicked to the (about us) button on the index page.

    Please advise what likely the problem could be, I still have 8 pages including one forum(phpbb2) and a site2. with another forum ( chinese version) as well to publish and I am jam here. My acooutn shll expire on 12 april 2007 and I have just removed all my website designed by soho and to replace with this fresh one by blue voda.

    Hacking by outsider experts on my forum and website had destroyed my forum function badly that prompted me to do all the website design and attedning to these very basic myself and which skills, I strongly beleive I have had acquired hugely being client of voda host.



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