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    I am working on my second site and looking for my third site to make some money for me by selling merchandise. So I have been reading threads that deal with selling stuff. This one is interresting and so I just decided to say Hi to you all.

    I think my problem will come with the actual shipping part as I live in St. Kitts (that's in the caribbean for those going..."huh!!!!" ) Your site is coming along nicely. When it comes to fonts however I prefer to stick to non-fancy fonts for readable text and simple colours like black or blue, for me it gives the eyes less work.

    Any suggestions / advice about shipping?

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    This post was moved as it was "hijacking" the other thread.

    Will you be shipping your own products from St. Kitts? If so, you need to find out what the rates will be and apply them to your website. You need to do research for what shipping worldwide will be - no different than I have to do if I want to ship worldwide from the US.

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