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    My website has been up and running since last April. The site is and my group is Active St. Louis Catholic Singles. I now have 80 members. There have been some complaints that the letters in my domain name are difficult to remember. I am renewing in April and am thinking about a new domain name but I really can't think of anything better. Do any of you have ideas?

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    slcs or slicks

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    Actually, I think your domain name is easy - as it stands for the name of the group. If you are getting any web traffic from it - I wouldn't suggest changing it at this point.

    And anyone who wants to come back - should simply bookmark it -

    You've got a Google rank - and you are #2 on Yahoo if I type in St Louis Catholic singles and on the first page of MSN search- you'll lose all this if you change your name.

    Why don't you suggest to members that they bookmark you and make sure they know the name of the group and that this is simply the initials. I really don't see a problem with it - and changing names is not recommended.

    Of course, you could see if you could find another name - then simply have it redirected to this site - for people to use who might remember something else easier. However, the names they probably would want, are most likely already taken.

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    Thanks so much for your input. I have a meeting tomorrow night and will relay the information.

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