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    I have a problem aout sending mail from outlook. I can not send email to any adress (hotmail,gmail,yahoo). The mails are not replies or forwarded mails. I write new messages. The error written while sending mail from outlook is: "" The message could not be send because one of the resipients was rejected by the server. Server response ' 550 minutes or do not have SMTP authentication turned on in your email client' ""

    I dont know how to fix this problem. I was using outlook before and the problem started today. However, there is no problem about incomming messages. the problem is only about sending mails.

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    Hi saner... I don't know what SMTP you're using ... but I do know Yahoo..AT&T has changed ports.. If you utilize their services .. you need to get the skinny from them to fix..Good Luck ..Doug

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    click the below and read the trouble shooting section, maybe your blacklisted...


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    Hi saner85,

    I don't know where you reside and who your ISP is but we have had a similar problem which sudenly occured after over a year without problems.

    We are in UK and BT are our ISP. It seems that recently they have put a block on all outgoing emails which go out through Port 25 of your computer except the email account you were given by them.

    To solve the problem we called BT Technical services and they have to authenticate the SMPT account by registering your website domain name to your account with them. It should take about 30 minutes from authentication and you will be able to send out mails using your domain name.

    I hope this helps.


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